Business Economics

Master degree center
1 year; 1.5 years
Mode of study

Special subjects:

  • Operational Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Evaluation

Specialized subjects:

  • Trade Policies
  • Management of Public Companies
  • International Programme and Project Management
  • Organization of Business Consultancy
  • Anti-crisis Business Management
  • Marketing Businesses
  • Master Seminar
  • Public Procurement (elective)
  • Information Systems and E-business (elective)
  • Operation analysis (elective)
  • Business Negotiations (elective)

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
The main objective of the programme is to ensure high quality education of students in the field of business economics and to be guarantor for successful professional realization of graduates. In the process of training students acquire in-depth scientific and specialized knowledge in the following directions:

  • Theoretical and practical issues in the field of business economics;
  • Management and marketing of business organizations;
  • Market research, sales management and trade politics;
  • Anti-crisis management, business consultancy and negotiations;
  • Development and management of international business programmes and projects;
  • Information systems, E-business, and etc.;
  • Abilities to adapt in terms of social, economic and technological changes.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
Graduate students acquire knowledge, skills, professional and personal competencies in accordance with the National Qualification Framework. Graduates can develop their own business or to occupy positions in business organization in the field of industry, commerce, services and other business sectors, public administration, educational, scientific and public organizations. They can occupy the following positions:

  • Managers in private and public business organizations
  • Business analysts of processes and activities in companies;
  • Analytical specialists in process management and economic processes;
  • Economic, organizational and managerial activities in the field of market research;
  • Positions in consultancy organizations and economic divisions of large corporations;
  • Specialists and experts in economics at state and municipal government and non-governmental organizations.

Graduates can continue their studies and acquire a PhD degree.