The General Assembly is the supreme governing body at the University of Economics - Varna.  It consists of 95 members: 67 professors and 5 lecturers, 16 students and doctoral students and 7 employees. The General Assembly elects the Academic Council and the Rector by a secret ballot.  It approves, adds and amends the University regulations.

The Academic Council defines and conducts the University academic and human resources policies. It passes resolutions on the university structure and the teaching curricula and approves programmes and educational degrees, passes rules on academic and research activities. It comprises 35 members: professors, lecturers, students, doctoral students, and representatives of the administration staff.

The Rector presides over the Academic Council meetings and is in charge of the University activities. The Rector is assisted by four Vice-Rectors and the Assistant Rector. 

The Controlling Council is an internal controlling body for the activities of the University of Economics – Varna. It comprises a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and senior professors and representatives of the Student Council. The Controlling Council reviews the legal consistency of the elections for the governing bodies and the academic units. It issues an opinion about the budget draft of University of Economics – Varna and monitors its implementation.

The Board of Governors ensures the effective and transparent management of the University and the provision of quality education and training. It comprises 7 members: donors of the University of Economics – Varna, prominent figures with active civic position, representatives of employers and professional branch organizations, representatives of the Student Council and of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The Student Council is an essential governing body within the University. The statute of the Student Council and its task, regulated by the Legislation on Higher Education, are to protect the students’ interests. The Student Council consists of student representatives from all education programmes who are an integral part of the University governing bodies.