Business and Management

Faculty of Economics
4 years
Mode of study

Specific courses:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovations;
  • Financial and Investment Management;
  • Problem Solving for Business;
  • Strategic Marketing and Management;
  • CSR & Business Ethics, etc

Programme description:

The Bachelor of Business and Management programme provides you with the concepts, theories and techniques to pursue a successful career in business management. What makes our programme unique is the precisely selected 5 streams, which cover five major areas of study: entrepreneurship and management, finance and accounting, business, HR, marketing and sales. This programme will give you the necessary business acumen to be successful in today’s competitive world. All modules are taught in English to ensure that graduates are fully equipped to work for both domestic and international companies based in Bulgaria, as well as in other countries.

5 top reasons to study Business and Management:

- you gain in-depth economic knowledge
- you examine the principles and challenges of major business studies
- you work on additional qualifications and skills
- you obtain intercultural experience with foreign guest professors and fellow students
- you have the opportuinity to dive deep into industry insights with top-level companies

Employment opportunities upon graduation:

Business and Management degree programme will enable you to hit the ground running in your chosen management field. Our goal is to equip you as a graduate with the tools needed to work in various business fields. Our value driven curriculum provides you with a wealth of knowledge for your future career path, preparing you to be an entrepreneur or to take on management tasks.

The acquired knowledge and skills provide opportunities for careers such as:
- managers and business analysts
- specialists at different levels in the private and public sectors
- advisors in transnational corporations
- consultants in business and management projects