Public Administration

Faculty of Management
4 years
Mode of study

Specific courses:

  • Fundamentals of Public Administration;
  • Public Sector Economics;
  • Human Resources Management in Public Sector;
  • Introduction into Public Law;
  • Regional Planning and Programming;
  • Public Services Management;
  • Public Finance;
  • European Policies and Institutional System of the EU;
  • Public Sector Strategic Management;
  • Public and Private Choice;
  • Public Investments Management;
  • Communications and Public Relations.

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
Training in "Public Administration" forms knowledge on the role and the systems through which the public administration influences the processes in modern society. Along with the general doctrine of the state, knowledge and skills are acquire for the exercise of state power, the management of the various territorial systems, administrative services, work in the social sector and governance of public institutions.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:

  • government employees;
  • managerial, administrative and expert positions in public organizations;
  • employees in state and municipal structures;
  • employees in non-profit organizations
  • employees in domestic and foreign offices of organizations and units;
  • experts and consultants on projects in the field of public administration.