Business Information Systems

Faculty of Informatics
4 years
Mode of study

Specific courses:

  • Microeconomics;
  • Macroeconomics;
  • Introduction into Management;
  • Finance;
  • Theory of Accounting;
  • Principles of Law;
  • Marketing;
  • Statistics;
  • Company Economics;
  • Mathematics;
  • Computer Architectures;
  • Operation Systems;
  • Computer Networks and Communications;
  • Information System Design;
  • Databases;
  • Algorhithms and Programming;
  • Applied Programming;
  • Information Systems Security Planning and Management;
  • Web Technologies;
  • Corporate Information Systems;
  • IT Project Management;
  • Software Business;
  • Development Environments, etc.

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
The objective of this programme is to prepare specialists having the necessary basic knowledge of economics and profound knowledge of information systems as an organization management tool for the effective use of information and communication technologies as a competitive advantage in business. Students acquire thorough knowledge in economics and computer sciences and develop skills for its implementation.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
Graduates of this programme are trained experts with knowledge and skills to hold positions as:

  • company management systems developers;
  • system analysts;
  • IT project managers;
  • business analysts;
  • specialists in launching, maintaining and developing information systems for end users;
  • system administrators;
  • customer service consultants;
  • specialists in marketing and management of software and information products;
  • web developers and designers, etc.