Agricultural Business

Faculty of Economics
4 years
Mode of study

Specific courses:

  • Fundamentals of Agriculture and Mechanization;
  • Plant Production Organization and Technologies;
  • Livestock Production Organization and Technologies;
  • Fundamentals of Agricultural Business;
  • Finance and Investment in Agricultural Business;
  • Land Resources Management in Agricultural Business;
  • Human Resources in Agricultural Business;
  • Agricultural Entrepreneurship;
  • Agricultural Marketing;
  • Agricultural Management;
  • Diagnostics of Agricultural Business;
  • Pricing in Agricultural Business;
  • Innovation in Agricultural Business.

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
Students in this major acquire knowledge and develop expertise in economics, technologies, organization, management and marketing of agricultural business units, specifics of land, labor and financial resources management on micro and macro level.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
Graduated students are able to find employment as:

  • expert economists or managers in agricultural companies;
  • expert economists or specialists in agricultural departments;
  • expert economists, experts and other specialists in state and municipal institutions related to the agricultural sector;
  • expert economists in other businesses, consultants in economics and management of agricultural companies, etc.