Faculty of Management
4 years
Mode of study

Specific courses:

  • Marketing Research;
  • Product Management;
  • Distribution Management;
  • Consumer Behavior;
  • Marketing Ethics;
  • Pricing Practices and Decision-Making;
  • Brand Management;
  • Marketing Communications;
  • Marketing Management;
  • Interactive Marketing;
  • Marketing Analyses;
  • Services Marketing;
  • International Marketing;
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing.

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
Marketing specialists are experts committed to locating and servicing company clients. They develop and modify products to meet clients' needs the best; they recommend the most suitable prices, the best points of sale, the most appropriate communication strategies (advertisements, commercials, sales promotions, personal sales and public relation events). They develop marketing strategies with the best impact. Marketing specialists are experts committed to closely monitoring any changes in the business environment and forecasting the consequences. They are able to help management in developing company culture and corporate image.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
Students graduating in Marketing will be able to find employment as managers at all levels of public organizations (state administration, health care, education, etc.) and business companies. These positions relate to the overall marketing activities of companies and organizations. The areas of preferences for future career development are at the positions:

  • marketing manager;
  • department head / division head;
  • market research manager;
  • sales manager;
  • marketing department manager;
  • sales specialist;
  • marketing and advertising specialist;
  • advertising agent;
  • wholesale and retail managers;
  • customer care executives;
  • shop supervisor;
  • sales representative;
  • sales assistant, etc.