Real Estate and Investments

Faculty of Economics
4 years
Mode of study

Specific courses:

  • Economic Fundamentals of Real Property;
  • Investment Process Management;
  • Urban Economics;
  • Constructional Engineering and Technologies;
  • Real Estate Pricing;
  • Cadastre and Property Register;
  • Management of Real Property
  • Local Government  and Self-Government;
  • Property Law;
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Financing of Real Property;
  • Business Evaluation;
  • Facility Management.

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
Students gain a large range of knowledge and skills, related to fundamental training in the theoretical foundations of the market economy, special training in the field of real estates and investments, practical skills to apply theoretical knowledge in real estate management, management of directorates, departments and activities, which are responsible for real estates, facility management, evaluation of real estates, investment projects, coordination of real estate projects.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
Graduates obtain skills to start their own business in the real estate sector or they can successfully occupy managerial and expert positions in companies possessing real estates licensed consulting firms, design offices, investment companies, banks, companies investing in real estate, insurance companies, pension funds, state, municipal and judicial administrations, non-governmental organizations in the following positions:

  • managers at real estate agencies; department managers; division managers, etc.;
  • analysts at directorates, departments, divisions, etc.;
  • facility managers;
  • analysts at facility management companies;
  • secondary school teachers or university lecturers;
  • secondary school teachers or licensed education center teachers;
  • experts in companies exercising financial control of real estate, department, unit and others;
  • real estate economists in companies, state or municipal authorities owning real estates;
  • consultants in investment project management companies for real estate development;
  • licensed property evaluators at banks, insurance companies or agencies (upon receipt of license from an authorized body).