Accounting and Auditing

Faculty of Finance and Accounting
4 years
Mode of study

Specific disciplines:

  • Organization of accounting;
  • Financial accounting;
  • Theory of control;
  • Finance of the enterprise;
  • Financial Control
  • Bank accounting
  • Accounting of bank enterprises
  • Accounting of insurance companies
  • Financial analysis
  • Managerial accounting
  • Audit in the public sector
  • Informational systems in accounting

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
Education in Major “Accounting and Auditing” forms knowledge and skills in the students for performing daily accounting activities, compilation and analysis of financial reports, risk analysis, financial and audit controlling. Graduates are able to start working on managerial positions in different business enterprises as well as in public and non-profit organizations.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
The graduate students in major “Accounting and Auditing” have a wide range of opportunities for professional career in Bulgaria and abroad. They can pursue realization in the sphere of commerce, agriculture, hotel and tourism management, budget sphere, pension work, social activities, financial controlling system, public sector, financial institutions (banks, brokerage organizations, insurance companies and etc.), governmental sector, and etc. Graduates are able to work as:

  • Accountants (incl. compilers of financial reports with the right to sign them) in all branches and activities;
  • heads of financial accounting departments;
  • financial consultants and managers;
  • experts and methodologists of accounting, taxation and social security control;
  • Finance-control bodies (income control bodies, customs control bodies, internal audit bodies and etc.);
  • specialists and consultants in Bulgarian and international accounting and control companies;
  • managers and owners of companies;
  • secondary school teachers or university lecturers in Economics.

Graduate students can apply for the qualification of “Certified Expert Accountant” or for PhD programme in higher education institutions after completing a master’s degree.