Hospitality Management

College of Tourism
3 years
Mode of study

Specific courses:

  • Introduction into Tourism;
  • Restaurant Management;
  • Restaurant Service Technology;
  • Hotel Management;
  • Hotel Service Technology;
  • Bar Service Technology;
  • Computer Systems in Restaurants and Hotels;
  • Traineeship in Hotel or Restaurant, etc.

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
Students acquire theoretical knowledge in tourism, hospitality management, tourism marketing and human resources management in tourism.
They gain specialized skills to lead teams, departments and sectors in hotel and tourism complexes, in companies, providing food and drinks, entertainment. They are able to develop, offer, advertise and sale tourist products on the market, to plan, organize and control technological processes in the hospitality, to use communications and information technics, technologies and information systems in hotels and restaurants, to communicate in several foreign languages for quality service to customers with different nationalities, to keep records, to perform accounting operations and other.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:

  • Managers in hotel, camping, holiday village or other places of stay;
  • Managers in restaurants or other types of places for dinner and leisure;
  • Front-office manager or senior administrator in hotel;
  • Saloon manager, chef and manager of the kitchen at a restaurant;
  • Executives and managers in the tourist service sector or in offices of hotel and restaurants chains and others.
  • Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.