The "My Bulgaria" exhibition by the world-famous artist - Academician Nikola Manev, opened on October 15, 2014 in the lobby of the CRINICT at the University of Economics - Varna. The event marked the opening of the newest art space аt the University - the "Academica" gallery. The gallery enjoys the interest of students, faculty and staff members as well as other art lovers. Therefore, various exhibitions by domestic and foreign artists are regularly held here.

The governing bodies of UE-Varna believe that the university is not only an institution for acquiring knowledge and skills but also an environment to develop all kinds of talents. Therefore, a lot of cultural and sports events are held at the University. The cultural calendar of UE-Varna was created and is regularly updated with upcoming events.

UE-Varna has one of the largest collections of paintings in the country - more than 120 works of art. The oldest ones are more than 110 years old. The collection includes two monumental paintings of the impressive size 4x4 meters which are the largest canvas painted in Bulgaria for the last three decades.