Project Management Sector

The Project Management Sector was founded on July 1, 2011 at the University of Economics - Varna.

The main mission of this division is to enhance new opportunities for the development and modernization of the university education through the implementation of projects funded by the EU structural funds as well as through other grants and funding programmes.

The experts of the Project Management Sector assist the teams with the entire process of project proposals writing. All projects at UE-Varna aim at increasing the quality and capacity of the educational and research achievements, improvement of the technical facilities as well as improvement of the information and communication environment.

The main responsibilities of the Project Management Sector are structured in the following activities:

  • To seek for new funding opportunities and open calls with external funding
  • To provide consultancy service and technical assistance to the teams within  the project proposal writing
  • To create new international partnerships and to join international partner networks
  • To provide the university departments with updated information about the ongoing/open grants and funding programmes
  • To support the project management teams in the organization and management of the project activities
  • To cooperate with representative structures of the business sector, non-governmental sector as well as with local, regional and national institutions and authorities

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