Полезни платформи за намиране на стажове и практики в Европа

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Algoos - Study, work and travel


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ML Components - Предлагат стажове за позиции: Purchasing assistant, Accounting/Auditing assistant, Sales-american account executive, Sales-eurasian account executive, HR Manager assistant, IT and Web Development internship.


Bulgaria Gateway

Digital Opportunity Traineeships


www.ihdemu.com a Spanish Language School located in Spain and with experience for over 20 years

internships@covetgroup.com / covetgroup.com COVET GROUP is a Portuguese company with a proven experience in the design and luxury field. We are proud of being a Team of Excellence that fights everyday to conquer the world through Design. A non settle feeling that keeps us with eyes always set on the future.

grazia.martucci@culturaedintorni.org http://www.culturaedintorni.org/ Cultura e Dintorni is an Italian agency, located in Italy, Martina Franca in Puglia region. 
The agency is dedicated to the management of European mobility projects, especially under Erasmus + programs, Youth Guarantee; to internship in companies for young people and training course for teachers; to the support work for European projects but also to tourism promotion and improvement of Puglia.

Моля съобразете, че това са примерни обяви. Възможно е да проведете практика и при друг работодател, който си намерите сами. Важно условие, за да ви селектираме е позицията, за която кандидатствате, да е в сферата ви на обучение.