Animafest will help you throughout the whole process, before, during and after the internship. You can have access 24/7 to all the information regarding all the legal documentation. Animafest Experience is collaborating with more than 500 hotels, principally on the Mediterranean coast, with partner in Spain, Greece, Italy and France.


Job Trust is HR consulting company based in Thessaloniki, so called Northern capital of Greece, specialising in recruitment and placement of temporary, contract and permanent qualified and unqualified staff in Greek companies, hotels and tourism related organisations. Job Trust provides hundreds of students all over the world a variety of positions at Greek hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators and other companies. At present we collaborate with about 50 Universities from more than 15 countries.


Rhodesnow is the number one holiday island in Europe its services and tourist product is far beyond a persons imagination. Rhodes can compete with mammoth holiday destinations such as Las Vegas in Services. Rhodesnow provides students placement for Erasmus practice students and non Erasmus to hotels in Rhodes. The students who successfully complete their practical training are provided  written on the company formal blanks that contain the name of the company, the period of training, the position or specialty that were taken by the trainee, and other kinds of activities and responsibilities executed by the trainee.


Erasmus Student Network International is a non-governmental organization, part of the pan-European ESN International. The organization is founded in 2008. It is based on the idea of cultural tolerance and intercultural dialogue. They promote the Erasmus + Program and they are in charge of welcoming the Erasmus Students among other activities.


Association For You is an organization oriented towards the problems of socially disadvantaged people. They realize adequate practices and partnerships that aim to achieve effective results and to deal successfully with current problems. Besides, they promote European projects as well as environmental programs in the city of Varna.