We know the thought of arriving in a new country can be stressful, especially if you are travelling alone for the first time. Therefore, once you have made your final travel arrangements, please contact us and let us know the exact date and time of your arrival. We may arrange for someone to pick you up from the airport/bus station and bring you to our office at UE-Varna. It is important to come to the International Relations Office soon after your arrival in Varna. We will welcome you and assist you with all the matters you will need to address during the first days of your stay:

  • We will take you to the Migration Office for registration. You need to register within 2 days after your arrival.
  • We will direct you to your room/apartment/hotel depending on the type of housing you have arranged in advance. We recommend you to make your housing arrangements before your arrival and we can assist you with finding accommodation in Varna. Many students choose to arrange temporary accommodation and once they have arrived and settled, they look for rooms or apartments with the help of real estate agencies or fellow students.
  • We will show you around the university building and you will register at the Front Office where our colleagues will give you your study programme, class schedule and other relevant information.
  • We will assist you in any other way we can – guide you to the main sights of the city, hospitals, police station and others.

The International Relations Office is available to help you with any matters that may arise during your stay in Varna. You are always welcome to come to our office or contact us via phone or email should you need anything. For academic issues or questions, please visit the Front Office. The university staff will be there throughout your stay to make sure that it is fun, safe and problem-free, with a strong support network to make you as comfortable as possible.