The University of Economics - Varna strives to maintain and further develop its scholastic and research potential as a leading educational institution as well as to integrate into the European education area in order to strengthen its competitiveness and appeal to academic members internationally. We promote the competence, interaction and internationalisation of individuals, businesses and cultural life.

UE-Varna operates in a responsible manner in generating its students' key knowledge areas, skills and competencies and promoting sustainable development. We constantly evaluate, improve and develop the operations of our university of economic sciences. Our learning environment supports goal-oriented learning and development of theoretical and practical expertise. We provide high quality education to our undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students which supports the lifelong learning process and concept. Moreover, the student and academic body of UE-Varna conducts scientific research which provides efficient solutions to the economic and social environment in and outside Bulgaria.

In order to fulfill its mission, UE-Varna constantly works toward:

  • providing full-time, part-time and distance learning academic programs in accordance with the highest European educational standards; 
  • developing its students' and doctorates' theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and expertise as well as their professional attitude and vast economic culture necessary in a competitive and dynamic socio-economic environment;
  • conducting socially significant research in high priority scientific areas relevant to the development of social cohesion and competence-based competitiveness;
  • providing the best resources and opportunities for professional development and growth to its academic and administrative staff;
  • establishing useful, mutually beneficial and sustainable collaborations with the University partners in the educational area, business, public administration and all interested relevant domestic and international institutions.


The University of Economics - Varna is committed to upholding standards that promote respect and human dignity in an environment fostering learning and professionalism. It is the policy of the university to maintain an educational and work environment free form all types of unlawful discrimination and harassment, an open environment which values and protects individual dignity and the integrity of human relationships. According to Chapter 6, Article 24 of the UE-Varna Code of Ethics, all employees of the university treat all students and visitors equally and with respect regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social status or disability.