Once per month University of Economics – Varna organizes an international evening focused on a different culture or nation. The main aim of these events is to promote intercultural communication among university students and to also give Eramus+ mobility students the opportunity to share the knowledge and culture of their native counties. The nations presented until now are: Brazil, Germany, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Lapland, Sweden, Hungary, Russia. The events are held inside the University and organized by EVS Volunteers and Erasmus+ students.

University of Economics – Varna organizes an international screening at the Aula once per month. Films from all around the world are screened in original language with English subtitles and are presented by volunteers and students to the audience. The screenings are open not just to students but also to everyone else interested in cinema. After each screening, discussions and debates are held at the bar of the University, giving the opportunity to the viewers to exchange opinions and points of view. For the first time this year,  apart from feature films, short films have also been screened thanks to the collaboration between the University and three International Film Festivals from three different countries (Certamen de Cine Lento/In the Palace/Concorto Film Festival).

University of Economics – Varna organizes a series of Jam Sessions open to young artists and musicians during the spring and the summer season. Bulgarian students and Erasmus+ students can participate bringing their own instruments and playing together. The Jam Sessions are held usually in the court yard of the University. Jam Sessions are designed to offer a moment to domestic and international students to share their culture through music and art.

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