Финансово-счетоводен факултет
4 години
Mode of study

Specific disciplines:

  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Control and Internal Control
  • Personal Taxation
  • International Accounting Standards
  • Organizational Management
  • Labour and Social Insurance Law
  • Financial Reports
  • Research Methods in Accounting
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Company Taxation
  • Financial Analysis

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:

Students gain knowledge and skills in accounting, analysis and auditing of business and the nearby areas. The credits that are obtained in each discipline allow students to join mobility programs, as well as to continue their studies in graduate programs.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:

Graduates in "Accounting" have the opportunity for extensive professional development in Bulgaria and abroad, regardless of sectoral affiliation of individual companies: in industry, transport, construction, trade, services, agriculture, budget sphere, pension services, social and public sector, financial system (banks, financial companies, insurance companies, etc.) in ministries and in operating and central departments of institutions.

Graduates are able to work as:

  • Financial managers
  • Accountants (operating and chief accountants, management and cost accountants, controllers and price specialists)
  • Authors of financial statements with the right to sign these statements
  • Financial analysts
  • Tax experts
  • Internal auditors
  • Independent financial auditors
  • Managers and owners of accounting companies
  • Teachers in economic subjects in secondary schools and universities

Graduates in “Accounting” can apply for the qualification of "Certified Public Accountant" in Bulgaria and for other international certification degrees.